Miscellaneous: 10 links

  1. This story is jaw-dropping. Demoted for an opinion on a proposal that isn’t law!
  2. Which is why it’s important that Christians really think through the issue of homosexuality. Justin Taylor recommends this
  3. Linked to that is the issue of marriage and JT highlights the forthcoming book by Tim & Kathy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage.
  4. And married couples should also read Keller’s Counterfeit Gods┬ábecause if one or both partners in a marriage relationship are materialistic then your marriage will suffer. Fact.
  5. Children will suffer from an absent father but in different ways. Boys without a father figure are more likely to become delinquent.
  6. Tom Basson, from South Africa, explains why he doesn’t have a TV
  7. The TV never went up against a rival technology in battling for survival. Here are the winners and losers in technology smack downs.
  8. Thinking of technology, I’d never considered having a digital bookshelf, but I like it. Try it here
  9. Finishing with reading Jennie Pollock wonders if you are what you read

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  1. Jennie Pollock says:

    Thanks for the link, Phil. Much appreciated!

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