I link therefore I vote (28.04.2010)

I came back to 521 blog posts to read on Google Reader, having forgotten to change it to holiday settings (again). Unsurprisingly there was quite a lot on politics. Here is the pick of the bunch in one glorious political link-fest

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6 Thoughts to “I link therefore I vote (28.04.2010)”

  1. Jon

    “typically brutal”?

    It may be brutal, but I don’t think that’s typical of me. I’m only brutal on occasion.

    1. Sorry if you thought that was harsh…is ‘uncompromising’ any better?

  2. I prefer ‘to the point’ 🙂

    Because I don’t think it’s uncompromising to point out inconsistencies in people’s arguments and then postulate a reason why they may be so inconsistent.

    Stem cells – hardly anyone does that – let’s attack it.
    IVF – pretty much everyone does that (or knows someone) – let’s not mention it.
    They have pretty much the same outcome (destruction of embryos).

    But it’s much easier to get people riled up and signing declarations protesting about things they aren’t doing, than confront them on the things they are doing, and risk antagonising your support base.

    Is all I’m saying.

    1. I think my comments are less to do with the points you make and more the way you make them. I’m commenting on style over substance in this case.

  3. Jon

    I’d still dispute the word ‘typically’ though.

  4. Dispute away. How ‘typical’ (joking)

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