I link therefore I am (26/11/09)

  • Apparently giving 10% of your income is newsworthy. Although what Toby Ord is suggesting is incredibly generous and if only more Christians took part our missions, church planting and aid programmes would be revolutionised.
  • I like what Mark Heath has to say about the purpose of pain
  • It’s that time of year where Americans get all maudlin over thanksgiving and every American Christian blogger does one on thankfulness. Here’s one from a pastor and here’s one about turkeys

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2 Thoughts to “I link therefore I am (26/11/09)”

  1. Mark Heath

    "maudlin" – one of those words I'd heard before but never knew what it meant until today. Should prove handy for reviewing CCM albums.

  2. stephy

    Thanks for this, I like that Mark Heath thing too.

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