I link therefore I am (26.11.10)

A real consumerism theme to today’s links and some interesting stuff here.

  • We are no longer citizens but consumers, contains a 29 minute video that is interesting viewing but even if you don’t watch that, read the observations.
  • We all know that in the developed nations we spend stupid amounts of money on stupid things. Here is Mint.com’s top 5 for America (and yes pet stuff makes the list).
  • Jamie Munson asks do we have it all or want it all? and contrasts gratitude v greed (HT: Adrian Warnock)
  • Changing tack to technology, Tim Challies’ post 700 billion minutes about Facebook is worth a read
  • And the facts about internet pornography are made graphic. I said the facts…
  • Lastly, Mike Cosper could be right, these could be the 3 most disturbing words on TV

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