Kids won't want to know about giving if you don't teach them

A while ago I saw this infographic about parents and kids views on money. Take a look at the question ‘what do your kids want to know about money?’ and the responses. Conspicuous by its absence is giving. So either it wasn’t an option that the survey offered (shame on them) or it wasn’t an answer given by the respondents (shame on them).

If we want to our children to know how to give, we must talk about it with them and share the adventure of giving with them. If we don’t then the use of money becomes all about me, my future, my needs, my desires and my wants. You can tithe all you like but that won’t put generosity in the heart of your children.

One thing I started to do to help me on that road is by using Kiva and inviting my nearly four-year old to help me choose (we mostly end up going for people who need to buy manure, cows or pigs) and talking with him about why they need help, why we can help them and why God cares about those who are rich helping those who are poor. Some times that goes better than others but I’m new at this and he’s not 4 yet, so we’ve some time to get better at it, I trust.

What do you do with your children to teach them about giving? What did your parents do with you?

Here’s the infographic


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