Introducing the Minor Prophets

I hadn’t planned to do anything on the Minor Prophets, to be honest, I’ve never thought of writing much of anything on them here. Then it turns out that the Women’s group in Grace Church had been reading them together. The leader of the group, Kate Almström, then asked me if I’d share her reflections on my blog as we don’t have a church blog and things get lost and forgotten too easily on social media. I was more than happy to oblige.

So it will work like this, probably. On the first day I’ll post a resources post – with facts, figures, themes, key verses and a video from the Bible Project and so on. On the second day, I’ll post Kate’s reflections and that’s what they are: reflections on parts of the Bible that often read little and understood less. Yet the whole of Scripture is God-breathed and we should have confidence that these powerful little sections of our Scriptures continue to speak to us today.

Do join in the discussion and share resources, articles and your own reflections as we get to know the Prophets Minor.

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