I link therefore I am (30.11.2010)

I’m hoping if the weather is right that I’ll get to do some ‘snowing’ with my son. Should be fun.

  • Skye Jethani describes his boundaries for his recently completed 30 days of twitter trial
  • As a church we’ve completed the merger and in the New Year we’ll be launching Hope Church Shrewsbury. I’m not sure it would have been as complicated as merging two megachurches though, but bringing churches together as well as starting new ones can be a good thing!
  • This makes the safety talk on the plane interesting. Just.
  • One of the CCK blogs has a go at explaining the scientific anomaly that is Noah’s ark
  • Who cares about your street Google Earth is uncovering some much more interesting stuff

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2 Thoughts to “I link therefore I am (30.11.2010)”

  1. Marcus Honeysett

    Hi Phil

    hope you are well and selling lots of books in the run up to Christmas.

    I would value any thoughts you have on moving to WordPress. Why did you do it? I am thinking of migrating from squarespace, but it will be some effort that I am not quite sure is worth the time (but could be, I am oscillating).



    1. Hi Marcus, I don’t really know about squarespace, but I was using blogger and I found WordPress to be a much more versatile platform and when I wanted a domain of my own it seemed to be the right move. No reason to rethink that decision. I’ve left the old blogger blog as it keeps feeding traffic and pointing out areas where links need updating on the new one. It’s quite a bit of effort to shift but once done was worth it. But as I said that was from blogger, I don’t know how WordPress and squarespace measure up with each other.

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