I link therefore I am (22.10.10)

A bumper set of links for you to get you through the weekend. Take your time there’s some good stuff here.

  • This I think is just an excellent set of honest posts. Really some of the best sort of personal blogging, helpful, raw, faith filled. My friend Dave Matthias has worked through facing miscarriage.
  • With spending cuts everywhere in the UK, the Jubilee Centre continues to ask ‘what is fairness?’
  • Real Clear Politics have launched a new website Real Clear Religion. Worth bookmarking. Here’s why.
  • Krish Kandiah is in Cape Town blogging Lausanne 2010. This is a huge event and worth keeping abreast of.
  • If you write articles, use or own a lot of books, do any kind of research you might want to use Zotero. Here’s why HT: JT
  • Erik Raymond asks why are pastors fat? This may apply a little more in the USA
  • Marcus Honeysett has made one of his sermons on Genesis 8 available. Nicely done.
  • In the UK it’s called Reality TV, I think the name they have for it in Sweden is much better – Scandal TV
  • The latest Mint infographic shows you where the poor in America live

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Zotero is brilliant. I spent £90 on its commercial competitor endnote when starting my masters, then discovered Zotero a few weeks later, I never opened endnote again (except to transfer my library into Zotero!)

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