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It became clear some time ago that the next boundary to be redrawn, following the success of same-sex marriage would be that of gender identity. I’ve been collecting different links and resources on this issue and I’ll endeavour to keep this post updated as an ongoing resource for people wanting to be informed on this issue from a Christian perspective.

As a place to begin you might want to consider my 4 observations about the transgender debate

Understanding the situation

Matt Hosier has been tracking the transition which should give you a helpful overview.

Here are some of the things beginning to happen in UK schools

To illustrate some of the more extreme examples that are currently taking place in western societies Rod Dreher has a piece on Alarmism and transgendered kids

Arguments about the science

These seven questions about transgenderism and social science research is a helpful starting point.

Margaret A. Hagen, a Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University argues that Transgenderism Has No Basis in Science or Law

The American College of Pediatricians has issued a statement on gender identity in children. Justin Taylor has a summary of the 8 points on gender identity in children.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University says psychotherapy not surgery is the answer.

And to illustrate that point, it is possible to tell just from your fingerprint whether someone is male or female betraying your chromosomal identity no matter how well hidden it might be.

Understanding the terminology

Joe Carter has a helpful glossary of terms in the gender identity revolution (which can be very confusing). Compare it with the BBC and related links if you need to.

Carl Trueman skewers, In the coming of the age of gibberish, what this does to anyone trying to write coherently in English while remaining sensitive to the trans-agenda.

And it’s not just language we’re mangling but signs too as Jordan Zajac points out in The Semiotics of transgender bathroom signage

Challenging the mainstream

Not all that long ago, generally speaking Christian sexual ethics were the mainstream but now it’s the margins. So what questions can you ask to challenge the new orthodoxy?

Trevin Wax asks seven excellent and troubling questions about transgender theories

Kevin DeYoung wonders why we treat anorexia differently from gender dysphoria in this transgender thought-experiment.

Is gender constructed or not? Roger Olson quite sharply notices that, “Being “born in the wrong body” (however described) with regard to gender and sex (wrong sex, right gender) must mean that gender is not merely socially conditioned and assigned.”

Thinking about this as Christians

Andrew Wilson has preached on this and asks the question what does love look like? (it also includes the above video)


Talking about transgender issues with your family

Along with the daunting enough conversation about sex and so on, parents need to broaden that conversation to include gender identity, argues Tim Challies.

Book Resources

David Shaw has compiled a reading list which includes books and web articles. There is some overlap to this post.

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