Revelations: How to find God

Recently Channel 4 showed a fascinating documentary on Alpha. For the next 28 days you can watch it online here.

It’s always good to get an insight into how others see you – does Alpha really have a ‘mathematical niceness’ about it? Is it too nice? Is it endearingly flaky?

They showed some footage of the Toronto Blessing and my most dominant emotion as I watched it on my own was one of embarrassment. I heard a man I respect speak in tongues and I cringed. Alpha would be easier without those things but at the same time knowing God is unlikely to be an encounter that fits neatly into my cultural world view, it should blow my mind or at least blow away the cobwebs. Worth watching.

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One Thought to “Revelations: How to find God”

  1. Anonymous

    We have to be real about the way things can seem-I remember being embarrassed in an Anglican church in my pre Christian days part way through a meeting by shaking hands with everyone and saying 'pleased to meet you' -turned out I was supposed to say 'peace be with you' and had misheard!Stuff like that can alienate you-let's take God seriosuly,but not ourselves…..

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