Is Christianity Middle Class? Part 2

The first part generated some interest and this comment really made me think….

“Having been brought up in a nice protestant middle class home, I was conditioned into a culture of high educational achievements, good job leading to a house, wife, 2.3 kids, nice car and you’ve made it. Keep your head down, be nice people, uncontroversial. Maybe get a hobby but above all create a nice safe settled life where you can live in a self sufficient comfortable bubble. When you put 100 similar people together and call it a Church what kind of Church do we get?”

What struck me most was the aim of self sufficiency, is there something in the way we raise our families that has the aim of independence, rather than radical dependence on one another. So the question remains if what we have isn’t quite right, what does ‘right’ look like? What should we be focusing on that would create a new way of living, a new demonstration of community, a new depth of commitment and relationship to each other and to caring for the poor, for creation, for the kingdom of God, that creates a new kind of church?

So what would a new kind of church look like? Feel free to dream

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One Thought to “Is Christianity Middle Class? Part 2”

  1. Anonymous

    Going back to the point about self sufficiency… As a parent, you have this tiny new born that is 100% dependent on you. Your mission for the next 18 years is then to change that around so the new person can stand on their own – and of course leave home as soon as possible!

    Not sure how you marry that with radical dependency on God and others. I guess it needs to be experienced as part of normal life around them both in and outside of church…

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