Commentaries on the Gospel of John

At Grace Church we have just begun to read the fourth gospel together. We read it together, ask questions about the text and ask two basic questions (1) what is the text saying? (2) what does this mean for us/me?

Although I don’t preach through the text, I do prepare with the text. I do this for a number of reasons, firstly I want to learn and grow in my knowledge of the Word through the word. Secondly, to be able to guide well. We read together so we all earn to engage with the Bible, ask questions of it, learn from it but it’s entirely possible that we collectively fail to understand it together. Some preparation here helps. Thirdly, we hope and expect to get questions about it, so some understanding helps deal with the questions and challenges that arise from dealing with the text.

To that I need some tools to help me with my studies. I have a number of commentaries (plus single volume whole bible commentaries) and thought I’d share them.

[1] G. Beasley-Murray, John, 2nd ed. Nashville  Tenn.: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1999.
[2] D. Carson, The Gospel according to John , 1. publ. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press [u.a.], 1991.
[3] C. G. Kruse, John: an introduction and commentary, vol. 4. Nottingham, England: Inter-Varsity Press, 2003.
[4] T. Longman, Luke–Acts, Rev. ed. Grand Rapids  Mich.: Zondervan, 2007
[5] J. Marsh, The Gospel of Saint John. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1968.
[6] N. Richardson, John for Today: Reading the Fourth Gospel, 1st ed. SCM Press, 2010.
[7] J. Ryle, John. Marshall Pickering, 1990.
[8] G. Sloyan, John. Louisville  Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 2009.

What commentaries do you use and what should I get that I’m missing?

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  1. Bible student highlights facts in scripture which indicate that taking an Acts 17:11 approach is better than those who think we do not need to search the scriptures if we have a good set of commentaries. If you check it out, you may see how Psalm 118:8 is as true today as it ever was.

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