Building something significant

On the way to Hawkes Bay beach (it’s about 45 minute drive outside Karachi) we stopped at a boat yard and it was really impressive. To be honest I’d be surprised if this could be done in the UK on the same scale because we’ve lost both the need and the skills (although very happy to be corrected). We witnessed these huge boats (50m long and at least 10m deep and wide) being constructed by hand, taking at least two years to build.

We had a good clamber around them, inside them, on top of them and were generally awed by the skill of the workers and the size of the construction. It strikes me that to build something of significance requires a number of elements, it doesn’t just happen.  You need an order, you need resources, you need a plan, you need dedicated and committed workers, you need patience and you need to work hard. Day in and day out. Given time you’ll build something of great value that can cross distances and carry great loads, that will last for a generation and can weather the storms.

I think you can make the connection between the church and the boat.

Photo by Murtaza Imran Ali

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