Why watching TV won't turn your baby into a genius

This article is interesting on the idea of TV in the lives and education of children. Slightly surprising that anyone was ever convinced that TV would help with anything other than distraction. There are a whole host of things in this article that’s worth thinking about not least the cultural values and expectations of the great middle class. We must remember that moral middle class values are not the same as Christian virtue.

There were some interesting asides too such as,

“The poorer the households, the more television is watched. As such, it is extremely difficult for them to separate the effects of deprivation from television.”

And also the obvious but critically important,

“Of course, the thing that really makes the difference for a baby is interaction with a caregiver and there is nothing we can invent as a people substitute.”

If you want to think more about this, have a watch of the video play (also on the right hand side of this blog’s home page) or at Conspiracy of Freedom. Just a few minutes long but really thought provoking on the care and thought we give to our children.

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