Why challenge consumerism?

I occasionally get frustrated at the relationship between the church and consumerism. On the one hand lots of our best authors, thinkers and leaders have named it and shamed it and on the other hand it seems to have made no change to the way we live. At all.

I also get frustrated by the perception that this is not an important issue or worse still it’s an issue of the left, so being against consumerism makes me automatically a communist. That perception (and I am willing to admit that it might be just me) really bugs me.

So here begins a series on why consumerism is an issue all Christians should be concerned about. I’ll cover topics such as ‘It’s not about the environment’, ‘It’s not about the poor’, ‘It’s not about politics’, ‘It is about the Gospel’

3 thoughts on “Why challenge consumerism?”

  1. tim simmonds says:

    Chairman Mao, I am looking forward to this series.

  2. Ed Hodges says:

    I completely agree Phil. Its one of those issues that raises a lot of talking but not much doing and seems to drag people in tow directions. I wonder how as Christians we can be concerned about consumerism and not separate ourselves from a consumeristic world? I look forward to reading the coming posts.


  3. Simplepastor says:

    Thanks chaps, and Ed you’ve hit the nail on the head, how do we live well for Christ in a consumer culture. Hopefully, we’ll stumble on something useful

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