The natural outcome to the prosperity message

This report about the World’s largest Christian TV channel ‘funding owners’ exorbitant lifestyle’ is an obvious example (if any were needed) of the logical outcome of preaching a prosperity message (gospel is not a word to be used in this connection as it is not good news).

It seems clear to me, once again, that Jesus was right, you cannot serve both God and Mammon and the prosperity message serves Mammon. It focuses on your material needs, it appeals to your material desires and promises you treasure on earth.

So no surprise then, that those who sought it the most should ultimately be pulled down by the weight of their own selfishness. Yet just because they did it to excess, doesn’t mean my own struggles with selfishness, comfort and consumerism are any less dangerous. I might not be spending on private jets but if the sole focus of my spending and saving is me, then am I really any different?

Treasures in heaven, people, the real treasure is in heaven.

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