The benefits of faith in Christ

As we come to Christmas and remember the birth of Christ, it’s worth reminding ourselves that Christ came so that we might believe in Him. This faith, though not without cost, brings tremendousbenefits, as it continues to do all over the world (Col 1:6). Consider this sample from Colossians 1:1-14, where Paul opens the letter saying he has heard of their faith (Col 1:4) and reminds them of the treasures that it contains.

Col 1:5 – Through faith in Christ there is a hope stored up for you in heaven

Col 1:9Faith in Christ is the door to spiritual wisdom, understanding and the knowledge of the will of God

Col 1:10 – Through faith in Christ your knowledge of God increases, you will bear fruit in every good work and please God in every way

Col 1:11 – Through faith in Christ you will be strengthened by God to have great endurance, patience, joy and thankfulness

Col 1:12 – Through faith in Christ you are qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints

Col 1:13 – Through faith in Christ are you rescued from darkness and brought into the Kingdom of Jesus

Col 1:14 – Through faith in Christ are you redeemed and your sins forgiven.

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