Sunday Video: Comfort

What do you think?

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2 Thoughts to “Sunday Video: Comfort”

  1. Emma

    Interesting – certainly gives a lot to think about…a bit cheesy though.

    It is so easy to resort to the things that we are comfortable with in regard to serving Jesus…I’m not sure that it works the other way around, the cross doesn’t strike me as particularly comfortable in any way.

    I suppose that the only comfort Jesus had was knowing that it was God’s will and so it should follow that no matter what we are called to do there will be comfort in knowing what we do is God’s will, even if it isn’t comfortable.

    Like I said…interesting…

    1. I heard a great saying last night, that ‘the life taken on is greater than the life given up’ which changes how we view sacrifice. Maybe Jesus saw it that way?

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