Revisiting Community Revisited

I think this is the last time I can play with the title…it might be fun but it will get silly! Anyway I was excited by the comments I had on the Revisiting Community post…

As a result there is a revision of how close you need to live to someone else to effectively share…10 minutes walk being considered too far and instead bringing that down to 2 minutes. Thoughts?

Then there are some suggestions on areas to extend what could be shared. I have some questions that are forming and I’m curious to get your thoughts. Assume for the moment that the principle is sound and the Biblical basis sure, what would wise guidelines be?

Too many laws and it becomes a burden that is heavy to bear, not enough and nothing changes or endless squabbling ensues. So for example, 5 families collectively share one lawnmower, so 4 families avoid the expense of a purchase, what do they do? Give some money away? If so how much? Give some money to the family that has the lawnmower? Should this even be regulated or watched or should it be left to each family to decide what to share and not to share and what to give and what not to give?

The end goal in my mind at the moment is threefold. Greater Simplicity – to find greater contentment in something other than stuff, to release time for relationships and to lead to Increased generosity. Giving more for mission and mercy seems to me to be the best way of investing my money. Thirdly Authentic Mission. I want to reach out to my community as a community and not just as an individual, for the Gospel to be visible as well as audible.

If moving to this common middle ground helps achieve that, then it’s worth trying don’t you think?

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