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If any of you are in London on Monday night (25th October 2010) have a think about going to LICC for an evening with Tom & Christine Sine ‘to inspire you to live more simply in order to follow Jesus.

Breathe are partnering with LICC, Livability and Tearfund for the evening and I’ll be there on Breathe’s behalf and take part in the Q&A at the end. Cost is a £5 donation to Tearfund & Livability. Come and say hi.

Here’s the info

“Tom and Christine Sine are well-known authors and speakers.  They live in Christian community in Seattle and are active in an Anglican church but have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the innovative edge of the Church all over the world.  See below for more information.

This event is particularly aimed at those who work during the week and are generally not able to come to events during the day. We know that many would like to learn how to connect more deeply with the needs in your communities and also how your faith should impact your lifestyle. There is lots of talk  about ‘living simply’ but sometimes this turns into a discussion about using energy efficient lightbulbs. Maybe we can consider other, more sacrificial, ways to live in a more sustainable way.

Christine and Tom Sine will discuss:

* What is happening in our culture that is leading to a breakdown in community life?
* What are the opportunities for Christians to live differently?
* What does it mean to live more simply in order to show an alternative to the consumer culture of today?
* What are some examples of people who have done this?

There will also be a Q & A time in order to allow you to explore the issues you are facing.’

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