Living with open hands

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Tim Creber from Journey Beyond writes,

Because life is a gift… we live with open hands.

Imagine in your mind tightly clenched fists – what does it make you think of? I think of control.

It is absurd to think that we are ever really in control. Life happens – young people get cancer, the poor die unjustly, good people suffer, banks fail, hard workers lose their jobs… When we face these realities, chasing control is futile, unrewarding and, I would argue, in no way contributes to human fulfilment.

So why do I still chase control?

Jesus epitomises what it means to live with a life posture of ‘open handedness.’ With an open hand we are vulnerable – we surrender a position of strength. Facing life without chasing control forces us to trust. Having an open hand permits generosity without discrimination. Having an open hand allows us to travel light. By allowing room for grace we can let go of emotional wounds. By allowing generosity we do not horde our possessions.

An open handed life is profound – it gets to the root of the human condition, and sums up so much of the person of Jesus. Because life is a gift, we live with open hands… in the hope and expectation that when we do so, our God is able to give us more than could ever be taken away.”

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