Let the Music Play

I’ve slowing been adding my CD collection to iTunes on my laptop and the project is now complete. Somehow over the past say 15 years I’ve amassed 218 albums that would take me a total of 7.9 days to listen to and takes up 10.58GB of space.

218 albums is about 14 a year or just over one a month. Actually, I’ve not bought all those and before you chasten me for stealing, I was sent a fair number to review – most of the Christian music came to me that way. Even so, that’s a lot of music and represents about £3000 worth of stuff.

I probably listen to more now it’s on my laptop – but it just showed me again how stuff just creeps into your life and before you know it, there’s a tonne of it that clogs up your home and your life. Best to resist at point of purchase, prevention is easier than cure. I might catalogue my books at some point and that will really scare me silly.

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