Learning to Breathe

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up so I’m going to keep the posts short (he says!). Anyway we all need a purpose right, to many people are just drifting through life and that’s just not me. Having spent most of twenties moaning about the fact that the great battles have been fought (Have you ever seen the film Pump Up the Volume? If you have you’ll know what I mean) but I’ve chosen my battleground, decided to make my stand. Well sort of, in a not sure what I’m doing kind of way. I’ve chosen Consumerism as my enemy, the high street as my battleground and the reason this isn’t straight forward for me? I’m part owner of a bookshop…

To see the dark side go to www.illuminatebooks.org.uk and to see the good side go to the Breathe website

Hopefully the fact that I’m involved in retail on a business level and the fact that I am a consumer will stop me heading down the commune route that no one else will follow. There has to be a way of life for the rest of us, doesn’t there?

*Post update: I’m no longer involved with either the bookshop or on the Breathe steering group – though I think both are great!*

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