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Jude’s 7 instructions for Christians

Jude is a short and punchy little letter that is often overlooked as people get to the end of the Bible and get all excited by the apocalypse. But Jude contains some words for all times and definitely for our time.

In Jude: 18-19  he warns there will be ‘scoffers who follow ungodly passions’. Well that’s not hard to see. ‘Worldly people who cause division’ and who as a result are devoid of the Spirit. Again not to difficult to see examples of that either.

Then in Jude 20-23 he gives seven pieces of advice for Christians in order that they avoid a similar fate:

  1. Build yourselves up in your faith
  2. Pray in the Holy Spirit
  3. Keep yourselves in the love of God
  4. Wait for the mercy of Jesus Christ
  5. Show mercy to those who doubt & those who are lost
  6. Save others
  7. Do not get tainted by sin

Follow this wisdom and it will “keep you from stumbling and until you are presented blameless before the presence of His glory…”

*The featured image is a painting by Georges de La Tour of Jude


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