Frustrations with Technology

For a while now we’ve been having a nightmare with TalkTalk who provide our broadband and clearly we’re not alone. So finally after months of hassle (the main reason why I’ve not posted as much as I otherwise might have done) we’re switching provider to Fast4. So far so boring.

As a consumer I’ve exercised my right to switch although they’ve made it difficult. It’s made me think why we don’t exercise that power more often – because big companies try to hedge in and trap in the customer or we become lazy and apathetic in our thinking. We don’t like being in David v Goliath situations so we don’t do anything.

In today’s world the path of least resistance often seems the most attractive for all the wrong reasons. The other side to this coin is that the more empowered we become as consumers the more important it is that we have a debate about values otherwise it becomes about price and a race to the bottom for someone. It isn’t always true that a rising tide lifts all ships! So what values should we embrace as consumers?

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