Capitalism needs an ethical boundary

Randy Alcorn has recently completed some interviews with Os Guinness (key note speaker at the upcoming Everything Conference) who makes some interesting comments about capitalism. Firstly, he affirms capitalism:

“I have no problems admitting the extraordinary superiority of market capitalism; it is a remarkable engine of dynamism, fruitfulness, productivity, and so on. I question that not at all. But it is only a mechanism, and the problem comes in when people make it a source of meaning.”

However he sees the problems and those are telling,

 Unless capitalism has an ethical boundary, it will always create two problems. One is the problem of insatiability, never knowing when to stop, always wanting just a little more. The other problem—you can see this very clearly in America today—is commodification. The good society draws a line between what is and what is not for sale, but, in modern America, almost everything is up for sale, including much that should not be. We need powerful faith with strong ethics and knowledge of what is legitimate to buy and sell—that’s the market at its best—but certain things are not for buying and not for selling, and we should know why.”

Read the whole thing

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