Better…but only just

I’m continuing my search for good web sites on consumerism or I guess more precisely anti-consumerism. I simply Googled the word and then worked down the page. Sadly site no 1 left a lot to be desired in the attractive web site awards causing me to wonder whether lack of style and ethical living go hand in hand. Check out site 2, the Never Enough Campaign which is better but only just. I think it’s strange because simplicity in design (say as favoured by Apple) is wildly popular but a low tech simplicity has an inevitably rustic appeal to it. I’ll get my tweed….

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  1. Ross says:

    I don’t know any web sites off the top of my head, but I can recommend the book The Paradox of Choice. It’s not strictly anti-consumerist (we are consumers by nature, after all, given that we must consume to stay alive) but it has some very thought-provoking things to say about the way capitalism currently operates and how it affects our lives (and for the author, I believe, the blame lies as much with us as it does with corporations). A great read.

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