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The story of God, the world and you

For some time now Grace Church has laboured at a translation of a video which we hope will be used to share the Gospel to our Swedish speaking friends. Here it is and underneath the English version. It is why Christmas is so important. Merry

A Fathers’ Day Prayer

It’s not Father’s Day in Sweden (that’s 11th November) but it is in the UK & US and probably other places too. We can pray this:

Recreating the Hanseatic League for spiritual purposes

I know cessationists are often curious as to how the prophetic actually works or what use it is. I think the following is a good example of the Holy Spirit speaks into something to give both energy and direction. In this case the planting of churches

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What price a changed life?

I’m not a huge fan of events really – getting a bit old, been to too many. But I love seeing young people’s lives changed by the Gospel. What price a changed life? Watch this. Newday 2017 Promo #ND17 from Newdayevent on Vimeo.

Remembering your baptism

It might be a little confusing but click the image below not above to see this video from Jeff Vanderstelt on some of the imagery in baptism. Saturate: Remembering Your Baptism from Crossway on Vimeo.

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For more wonder, re-wild the world

One last video to follow up from Monday’s review of Feral. This one is author Monbiot himself doing a TED talk explaining the essence of his book. The video is 15 minutes long and well worth it whether you’re planning on reading the book or not.

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How Whales Change Climate

After yesterday’s review of Feral, I thought I would share a 5-minute video to support the case that letting the great animals recover and do their thing would change more than you think. H/T: Make Wealth History

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I love card magic and technology, so really enjoyed this clever combination of the two. Have a good weekend.