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Book Review: The Good, The Bad & the Difference

In a different twist on living an ethical life this book on ‘how to tell right from wrong in everyday situations’ is both witty, entertaining and thought provoking. Dealing with the moral conundrums of life such as ‘can I accept a free promotional holiday if

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Book Review: Bono on Bono

I’ve long been a fan of the music of U2, I like their big themes, big sound and big personality and they’ve always been unafraid to address the spiritual, I have most if not all their albums and saw them live at Wembley Stadium in

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Book Review: Intelligent Church?

This is a book review for Intelligent Church by Steve Chalke and Anthony Watkis. It’s subtitled ‘a journey towards Christ-centred Community’ which sounds great. The concept that the church is proof that God is love is a very attractive and compelling idea, although we all