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I link therefore I am (26/11/09)

Apparently giving 10% of your income is newsworthy. Although what Toby Ord is suggesting is incredibly generous and if only more Christians took part our missions, church planting and aid programmes would be revolutionised. I like what Mark Heath has to say about the purpose

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I link therefore I am (25/11/09)

Thanks to Lex Loizidesfor the new links title. Come up with a better one and you can have the credit. ‘I link therefore…’ remains until then….So here they are: Justin Taylor is highlighting aspects of the Gospel Coalition’s Vision for Ministry. I like what they

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Links of the Day

I’ve decided to discontinue posts of the weekand try out a more daily link-fest. However ‘links of the day’ is a pretty bland title, so if you have a better idea please let me know. If I can’t keep this up I may revert back