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Too little there, too much here

Doing my daily review of news on the BBC and came across this story about disappearing islands in the Bay on Bengal, the interesting thing at the bottom links to a story of how population growth is outstripping food supply, complicated by a shift in

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Stopping the Traffik

Off to bed but just time to upload some more stuff about slavery (I’ll review the film Amazing Grace soon as well). Here’s the text of Rowan Williams’ sermon and if you want to hear mine click here. Two great organisations campaigning on this are

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Turn Off the TV

Some friends and I in Breathe are supporting a US campaign to turn off the TV if only for a week. TV while occasionally enjoyable more often than not can suck creativity and imagination right out from your brain. Instead we live life and experience

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Climate Change

There are a lot of good sites out there that give you the lowdown on climate change – start at this one from the BBC and then follow the links around….

Peace at any price?

It has always seemed to me to be faulty logic to secure peace by investing in weapons. So the news that the British parliament has voted to spend huge sums of money on a weapon system no one wants to use, against enemies we don’t

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Make your voice heard

If the environment is your thing then you may want to look at and sign their petition on climate change….they campaign on other things too

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The environment and lazy shopping

The week passes and the blog remains updated, it’s a poor show to be honest but not as poor as a few other areas. Depending on how you look at it my ‘ethical’ record has been poor over recent weeks. For example that long haul

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Cuba, Carbon and the Sunday Papers

I haven’t written anything for what seems ages, and the busier I get the easier it is for the day to day ethical living habits to slip. Why is that? Is it because ethical doesn’t equal easy?Anyway, the wife and I are planning our holidays