Blog spring clean

I know content is more important than appearance but sometimes things get a little dusty. I mostly look at the admin interface and not the actual blog itself so I thought before I begin to write some fresh material I’d give it a little once over. No major design changes but some little tlc all the same. If you’re reading this in a feed reader then you’ll need to click through to see some of these changes, which are:

  • I’ve removed the grey links bar from beneath the twitter feed which I think makes the top header a little cleaner.
  • I’ve added a floating connect bar to the left hand side of the blog. It has little expandable icons for twitter, rss feed, facebook page, linkedin and google+. Choose your social network and connect. Simple as.
  • I’ve changed the Add this button that sits at the bottom of each post to add a Google+ button plus all the other share options.
  • The highlighted posts box has been refreshed a little and has been moved up, so you can more easily see the latest book reviews, links and top posts
  • The search box now sits beneath that but above…
  • The Conspiracy of Freedom videos which have been moved down but remain on the home page
  • Categories have been changed to a drop down box and archive has been brought up the page to sit underneath categories.
  • The links have been reorganised and refreshed and will probably get some further attention at some point as I’ve removed a number of links
And if you make it that far down the page then you’ve done well. Like I said nothing too major as I think the design and look is still holding up well, but a few tweaks and additions to keep it living. Now on with some writing!

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