Bibliophilia (19.08.2010)


  • Jeremy has read Sew your own by John-Paul Flintoff. Jeremy says ‘Sew Your Own is not really a book about making your own clothes.’ But it is also a book about making your own clothes.
  • Mark Meynell has read Charles Saatchi’s My name is Charles Saatchi and I’m an Arthoholic which is ‘occasionally insightful and quite fun’ but ‘not a heavy read by any stretch of the imagination’.
  • Scott Taylor has been moved by Talbot Chambers New York City Noon Prayer Meeting. In a nutshell, “Through out the book their are testimonies upon testimonies of how people raised up a person in prayer and within days if not minutes the person is giving their life to Jesus.”
  • Gary McMurray has read DeYoung and Kluck’s Why we love the church which he thinks is ‘is a great reminder of the Biblical mandate of the Church.’
  • Gordon Kennedy has re-read Sam Storms Convergence about charismatic calvinists and thinks Storms ‘gives a good account of Charismatic theology and experience, sufficient to challenge any cessationist to re-think their position.’
  • Mark Heath has reviewed another commentary The Message of 2 Corinthians by Paul Barnett



  • This article reckons new technology is changing how we read, as it says, “We are now people of the screen. And of course, these newly ubiquitous screens have changed how we read and write.”



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