Being Different in a Consumer Culture

Today I have the privilege of joining the good people of All Souls Langham Place during their church week away in these wonderful surroundings to talk with them about the above title. The Rector of All Souls, Hugh Palmer did a very good series called Cash and the Christian (Do a sermon search for the series, you may need to register). Not sure what I can add, but we’ll see. Looking forward to it. Prayers would be appreciated.

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2 Thoughts to “Being Different in a Consumer Culture”

  1. Hey Phil,

    The link for Cash and the Christian indicated it was a wrong link. Can you repost it? I’d love to check it out.

    1. Hi James
      I think the easiest thing is if you do a sermon search by series, Cash & the Christian. You may need to register (free) but the sermons are very good.

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