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Motorbikes and Meaning

I was catching up on some weekend reading and started with The Observer’s travel supplement Escape, which headlined with the final part of Mike Carters midlife bike tour through Europe. Combining two passions (motorbikes and travel) it was a far better place to start than

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Learning to Breathe

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up so I’m going to keep the posts short (he says!). Anyway we all need a purpose right, to many people are just drifting through life and that’s just not me. Having spent most of twenties moaning

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The Blog Beginnings…

In the beginning Phil created the blog (well this blog anyway). The blog was without form and void; and waffle was upon the face of the blog. And Phil said, ‘let there be some interesting stuff’ and there….was, maybe, oh I give up…