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Climate Change

There are a lot of good sites out there that give you the lowdown on climate change – start at this one from the BBC and then follow the links around….

Peace at any price?

It has always seemed to me to be faulty logic to secure peace by investing in weapons. So the news that the British parliament has voted to spend huge sums of money on a weapon system no one wants to use, against enemies we don’t

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Make your voice heard

If the environment is your thing then you may want to look at and sign their petition on climate change….they campaign on other things too

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The environment and lazy shopping

The week passes and the blog remains updated, it’s a poor show to be honest but not as poor as a few other areas. Depending on how you look at it my ‘ethical’ record has been poor over recent weeks. For example that long haul

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Cuba, Carbon and the Sunday Papers

I haven’t written anything for what seems ages, and the busier I get the easier it is for the day to day ethical living habits to slip. Why is that? Is it because ethical doesn’t equal easy?Anyway, the wife and I are planning our holidays

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Learning how to sell

One of paradoxes of my life is that on the one hand I’m anti-consumerism and the constant accumulation of possessions and on the other hand I own a shop and I want it to sell more goods. In fact I’m currently at a convention with

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Book Review: What matters most?

This is another book review and although the subject matter is different (youth ministry) from the norm it’s title ‘what matters most?‘ is a good question. Doug Fields essentially calls people to say ‘no’ more often, that over-busyness can kill the soul, that saying ‘yes’

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Book Review: The Good, The Bad & the Difference

In a different twist on living an ethical life this book on ‘how to tell right from wrong in everyday situations’ is both witty, entertaining and thought provoking. Dealing with the moral conundrums of life such as ‘can I accept a free promotional holiday if