Where to shop?

As a Christian I really want the way I live to have consistency, no Sunday only behaviour for me, well that’s the theory. So right now I’m considering the whole issue of where I buy my food and household items and so that puts supermarkets and for me and the better half Tesco right in the spotlight. So I’ve just finished reading ‘Shopped’ and it’s really made me think and we’re going to experiment and see the time and money implications of shopping elsewhere. Anyway for those interested in some of the issues in Shopped but aren’t going to read the whole book then try here for an interview with the author. I worry that I buy into personal crusades but JB is a respected journalist for her bio click here

Anyone changed the way they buy? Did it make any difference?

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2 Thoughts to “Where to shop?”

  1. Anonymous

    As an experiment I tried to minimize my weekly Tesco shop by buying all our non-fresh food from http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk. We already buy organic where possible and have our fruit and veg via an organic box scheme, so it seemed like an obvious next step. Goodness direct are very good, and I still use them from time to time, but because the delivery takes 3 or 4 days, I found it quite hard to plan that far ahead. It also added between 25 and 50% to our weekly grocery bill. Maybe I should try our local organic/health food shops, but then I have to pay town centre parking, or carry shopping for a family of six on the bus… So now I’m using sainsburys-to-you as their organic range is better, but I’m not sure that’s really an ethical improvement. Ginny

  2. hollytree99

    Last year I read a book by Felicity Lawrence – Not on the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate. This put me off the big bad supermarkets like Tesco and Asda for LIFE! Their treatment of the people who supply them with goods is atrocious. We now get a regular delivery from a local organic shop, and try to only use the Co-op for supermarket buys. I’m also enjoying rediscovering the joy of the local butcher shop – a nice chat about how to cook the meat, and you can buy exactly the quantity you need.
    Cheers, Holly (Brighton)

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