What I watched in January 2018

This year I started to make a note of what I was watching in terms of film and TV. I did so for a number of reasons. One I forget, so this helps but also because it will help me see the breadth (or lack thereof) of how I use entertainment.

So my first observation is simply, I watched a lot! Seeing the films and TV programmes written down shows you very clearly how much screen time you have consumed. Without doing this, I’d carry on and just assume it’s not very much but to me it looks like a lot. Netflix owns me.


January saw me watch all four of The Hunger Games series for the first time. It’s an odd future world where only America it seems exists and has become a mixture of per-revolutionary France, Nazi Germany, and an evil twisted Truman Show. Entertaining adventures that highlight the power of symbols and unlikely heroes.

As a family the kids cried laughing watching The Simpsons Movie and I watched Harry Potter and The half-blood prince with my son.

Robinson Crusoe with Pierce Brosnan was merely OK. The Rover with Guy Pearce is unrelentingly bleak.


I think we watched some good shows here. As a family we enjoyed Africa with David Attenborough, The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, Ultimate Beastmaster (season 2) and Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip.

Amongst the comic-book junk that I enjoy (Arrow, The Flash) we (wife & I) watched Elementary (season 5) & Scorpion (season 2). We also watched was some comedy gold with season 11 of Would I Lie to You which remains hilarious, the first season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and a re-run of Brooklyn 99 (season 1).

We tried the documentary series called Abstract about design but it didn’t really grab us. But we loved Tales by Light about photography. Highly recommend that.

Why do this? Well it helps me see whether I made good choices or not, helps me see how I’ve used my time – that’s incredibly helpful. It also means we get to talk about good films and TV, and you can recommend some better stuff or whatever.

Either way, I need to read more in February.


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