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Blogging is a web thing and by that I don’t just mean the internet. It’s the connections inbound and outbound that keep a blog alive and dynamic. I post a lot of links on this blog and here are ten of my most popular but first as a way of saying thank you to those who helped increase visitors by 50% last year, here are the ten blogs that sent me the most visitors (I’ve stripped out my own facebook and twitter streams and search engines by the way.)

10.  Bill Walker.

9. Peter Kirk

8. Mike Print

7. Charles Crosland

6. Dave Matthias

5. Mark Heath

4. Matt Hosier

3. Dave Bish

2. Breathe

1. Newfrontiers Bloggers


My most popular ten links were

10. Steve Holmes on congregational church government

9. Tim Keller’s article on the importance of hell

8. The pay in megachurch infographic

7. This early review of Love Wins

6. John Piper’s article, how willingly do people go to hell?

5. My friends at Barnabas Community Church

4. The wonderful Breathe Network

3. Justin Taylor’s interview with David Platt

2. A talk from 2010 TOAM, but I can’t get the link to work!

1. My old church, Hope Church

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