Tools to protect your time & your integrity

There are a few more tools that I need when I consider my use of computers and especially when I go online.

Integrity tools

I’d love to be able to confidently write that I can be trusted to surf the world-wide web without ever looking at pornography. I can’t so I use some tools that block it out and have helped me create healthy habits.

OpenDNS is my first line of defence. This changes the settings at the router so every device that uses our family Wi-fi gets this line of filtering. You can customize it to fit your needs, it doesn’t slow anything down and we’ve never had any downtime using it. It’s free and easy to set up. I have the password to this.

K9 browser is my second line of defense. As I travel, I need to some integrity defences for when I’m away from home. This is installed onto my laptop and in future any other computers we may have. It’s free, you can pick your levels and what categories it blocks. I’ve also installed it as my browser on my android mobile. The phone app is a little buggy which can be annoying but a little annoyance is better than a whole heap of guilt and shame. My wife has the password for this.

These things put together have been a great help to me in struggles against pornography and done enough to help create healthier and godlier habits.

Anti-time wasting tools

These are just as important to me because I can easily waste time on all sorts of things and nowhere offers more distractions than the interweb.

K9 allows you to set time restrictions, so you can block your access to the internet at certain points. I use it to cut off internet access on my laptop after 11pm. I need reminding that my greatest need at that point is sleep and not to debate some moron on the net.

I use several other programs that are a little easier to use and are a little more powerful during the day to help me focus on tasks like language study, research or writing. Times when I need to just get down to work and not check my facebook, email, BBC news or google whatever question just popped into my head.

Freedom works well when you need to block out the internet and get on with some other work. You can set how long you want to be offline and away you go.

Cold Turkey does the same job but also blocks programmes on your computer, so if like me games are a proven time-waster, then Cold Turkey does the job on them too.

What tools do you use?

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