To Turkey

Today we’re off to Turkey – it’s a mix of global leaders conference and family holiday. I was describing the situation to a few friends a couple of days ago and I said, “We get to listen to Terry Virgo, Bob Roberts and others preach. We get to eat and pray together and spend time in the presence of the Lord. I can hardly call that work.”

I forget all too easily that time in the presence of the Lord is not a chore, it is not the first on my list of ‘things to do’, it is not work.

It’s an enormous privilege to have the freedom and opportunity to travel, and on this occasion to take my whole family with me. I’m also hoping to have the chance to visit Ephesus. Also it’s getting cold here in Stockholm so this will be my last chance to be both outside and warm until the summer of 2013.

So although this week we will not be suffering for the gospel, we will be praying for those that are and believing God for a church in nations like Turkey.

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  1. Mark Meynell says:

    Have a great time – one of my favourite countries on earth – was there only 10 days ago and was great.

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