The year of the migrant

I just want to recommend that any reader interested in the issue of migration should take 20 minutes to read the last issue of Vista from Redcliffe College, UK.

As they say here,

“The figures speak for themselves: 920,000 arriving by sea, and a further 34,000 coming by land. This compares with a total of 214,000 by land and sea in 2014. (figures from International Office of Migration).

This issue of Vista tries to capture something of what happened, with stories from all stages of the journey, from arrival in Europe to transition and destination. Along the way we discover the vital role of the smart phone and stand back to take a wider, European perspective.

Despite this being the longest ever edition of Vista, it is only a very small representation of how Christians across Europe have responded, and are continuing to act on behalf of the migrant.”

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