The Round Tower

One of Copenhagen’s best-known buildings is the Round Tower. It’s a remarkable building for a few reasons: it’s Europe’s oldest functioning astronomy observatory and it has a unique spiral ramp. The views over the rooftops of Copenhagen make the climb worth the effort.

It was built in 1642 by King Christian IV of Denmark and the church was where Soren Kierkegaard was confirmed. Although the minister would later become one of his biggest critics.

The reason I draw attention to it is because it forms a part of the Trinity Complex. It was a combination of astronomical observatory, a student church and the university library. What if Europe were to again have that combination in public building complexes – faith, science and education?

Sadly, Europe is a secular place. Faith has drifted away (in the culture at least) from the other two disciplines. Science and education for the most part remain hostile to people of faith. The Round Tower shows it wasn’t always that way nor need it be so.

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