The Curiosity Index (19.04.2018)

Perspectives on Islam in Europe

In 2016, the Pew Research Centre estimated [the] total Muslim population in Europe to be just under 26 million. This is a significant increase over the 2010 population that Pew reported at 19.5 million…Their research shows that 53% of migrants entering Europe between 2010-2016 were Muslim. In addition to the increase in the Muslim population in the EU through immigration between 2010 and 2016 (3.5 million), there was an increase through 2.9 million children born to Muslim parents. Importantly, the Pew research also estimated that over the same period 320,000 Muslims switched or abandoned their religion.

10 Commandments of Progressive Christianity #1: Is Jesus Our Lord or Our Example?

This first commandment of progressive Christianity is precisely what has been happening for the last century in the Western world (and much before that).  It attempts to preserve Jesus’ morality while jettisoning Jesus’ divine identity.

But, in the end it simply doesn’t work.  Jesus’ moral teaching only works when we keep his identity as the Lord.  The two should never (and can never) be split apart.

Sweden’s deadly problem with hand grenades

The number of explosions caused by hand grenades has increased in Sweden in recent years. There were fewer than five in 2014 but at least 20 in 2017, and a further 39 grenades were seized by police.

OLPCS $100 laptop: where is it now?

I remember this.

The Handmade Sketchbooks of a Well-Traveled Artist

These are delightful.

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