The Curiosity Index (01.12.2017)

Welcome to December. If I was clever I’d have some sort of advent system going on. I’m not so I don’t but these things are quite cool.

Infographic of the Year

There are awards for everything including the best infographics known to humanity. Here are the winners for 2017

Loss of the week

I wasn’t sure that ‘obituary of the day’ was quite the right tone to set but I was saddened to hear of the death of Dewi Hughes, former Tearfund colleague and the author of the excellent God of the Poor.

Why you should play board games post of the week
An excellent article on the board game renaissance with some top rate suggestions
Why Sweden is cool plug of the day

Sweden is still building publicly funded cultural centres and putting green roofs on them!

Nativity video of the day

Photo by Joe Bain

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