The books I read in 2016

I never quite got around to posting about my reading from 2016 but the fact that it is March shouldn’t be a hindrance to reflecting on the past right? Turns out there was an encouraging uptick in books read. In part because I’ve counted books I’m reading out loud to my kids and we powered our way through Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia. Tolkien may slow us up in 2017.

I hit my challenge of 35 books in a year, a heady 21 more than in 2015. I’ve set myself a goal of 40 books this year.

Books I’ll refer back to include: Unbreakable by Andrew Wilson because it’s focus is Jesus and handling or understanding scripture the way Jesus did, is hard to argue against.

Stephen King’s On Writing which will make you a better writer or at least want to be. It certainly motivated me to invest more time into this site.

Martin Ford’s The Rise of the Robots because I believe he’s right and new technologies are going to lead to mass unemployment.

I really enjoyed The Big Short and pretty much expect that to happen again in the next ten years but worse because we mishandled the last one.

I loved introducing my son to the Chronicles of Narnia and the world of Hogwarts, such a treat – we’re currently in Middle-Earth.

I also helped bring one of the books on that list to life and there’ll be a few more of those this year.

I don’t think I reviewed as many of those as before, but perhaps that might pick up this year.

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