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Input is required on this one, so if you’ve never commented on one of my posts before then this one would be a good one especially if you like books and love reading.

As you may know as a family we’re moving to Sweden to begin a journey towards planting a church in Stockholm. However for a year or so we’ll be in rented accommodation in a place called Rockneby about 4 or 5 hours south of Stockholm to learn the language.

That is the preamble to say that it’s unlikely that I’ll be taking all my books (they’ll go into storage for a year) and so from the 1000+ books I’m going to select most of the 100 to take with me for the year and you can help me decide which books I’ll take.Time for a quick get-out clause. I may not read all 100 in a year I’m not going to put that deadline over my head but this will be the pool from which I pick. I’m going to create 10 categories of 10 books and most of those books will be ones that are already on my shelves that I’ve already read, but if there are some must reads in those categories that I don’t have, I’d like to hear of them.

My ten categories are:

  1. Fiction – I love a good story and these will be my refreshers that keep me enjoying reading
  2. Economics/Business – This might not be the right category title here but I’m thinking of books like Freakonomics or anything by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s those books about trends and the way the world works type books that spark lots of ideas in me because they’re so creative and insightful.
  3. History – This will probably include some books on Swedish history but also WWII or anything really, because a good history book is a great pleasure
  4. Biography – I’ve not read a lot of biography in recent times but I think I’ll enjoy reading a mix of sports, history, politics, theologians lives. Again a good biography is a joy.
  5. Spiritual Growth – This year is also a breathing space to refresh and invest in some soul work so I want some books that help me care for my soul ready for the challenges ahead.
  6. Apologetics – In my present position there has been a limited need for rigorous apologetics. In our estate no one is particularly bothered by the new atheism or science v religion. In Stockholm I need to think how to communicate the Gospel in one of the most secular cities in the world and also how to provoke conversation and debate.
  7. Leadership – I’m going to spend some time reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, some of the things I’ve done well and bad habits I’ve picked up over the last seven or eight years. So good books on leadership will help me reset my path over the next couple of years.
  8. Preaching – Odd one this because I’ve got to master another language first but I’m assuming the skill of great preaching remains the same. I feel like again I’ve slipped into some familiar habits and some time investing in this key area I hope will prove to be fruitful.
  9. Consumerism – Had to be there didn’t it? This includes books on consumer culture, books on generosity, simplicity, biblical responses etc…
  10. Miscellaneous – This is my pick and mix, books that won’t fill a category, the best recommendations, books on parenting, marriage, travel, an eclectic mix to round things out.

These categories might change over the next few weeks as I stare at my books and start filling in the lists. I’m hoping this could be a fun debate so I hope you’ll join in. What would your categories be?


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5 Thoughts to “The 100 club”

  1. Sometimes a good comic from the Sunday paper is the best!
    Wayne Sutton personal prophecy ministries!

  2. Adam Voke

    Hi mate,

    A couple of books i’ve read recently which I found really helpful and were out of the usual themes for me and neither are christian books are:
    Resonance by Nancy Duarte (fits into your section 2 and 8)
    Getting things Done by David Allen (fits into your section 2, 5 and 7)

    Reading those two books has produced quick results. Very informative as well as giving easy access tools for personal use.

    Seriously, I think all leaders would do well to read those two books even if they don’t take it all on board. The second book has (almost) revolutionalised the way I use my time and my email habits have not been the same for months.

  3. Adam Voke

    Oh, that should be an 8 and not a smilely face above. Naughty face.

  4. Have you read Frank Bruno’s biography – “Frank, fighting back” its an interesting read and a window into mental health issues.

    1. Hi Alice, no not read that – I’ll put it on the recommended list though!

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