Rob Bell is so unoriginal

This is interesting, or at least I think so. Adrian Warnock recently listed some quotes from Love Wins by Rob Bell published 2011. I recently read Is there a hell? published 1913. Here’s how they compare:

2011 (Rob Bell)
1913 (various)
“God gives us what we want, and if that’s hell, we can have it.” “For my own part, I assuredly believe that wrong-doing will have its reward in the world to come.” – Rev Dr Charles Brown
“The chasm is the rich man’s heart!” “He [the rich man] is compelled to realise that between Lazarus and himself there is a great gulf fixed, a gulf which cannot be crossed. Who fixed that gulf? The answer is plain. The rich man himself fixed the gulf in this life, and in the life to come its existence cuts him off from hope and consolation.” – Rev C Silvester Horne
“For many in the modern world, the idea of hell is a holdover from primitive, mythic religion that uses fear and punishment to control people for all sorts of devious reasons. And so the logical conclusion is that we’ve evolved beyond all of that outdated belief,” “If the Bible teaches ‘everlasting punishment’ so much the worse for the Bible, because we cannot believe it; you may quote texts and have behind the texts the very finest scholarship to justify certain interpretations, but it is no good. We are no longer the slaves of a book, nor the blind devotees of a creed; we believe in love and evolution.” – Rev AJ Waldron
We should be “concerned with the hells on earth right now “From what we can see around us, there are hundreds of people alive today who are suffering torture in hells of their own making…” – Rev Dr Charles Brown
“Hell is our refusal to trust God’s retelling of our story.” “We make our own hell or heaven, and we carry it with us.” – Silas Hocking
“So the next time someone asks you if you believe in an actual hell, you can always say, “Yes, I do believe that my garbage goes somewhere” “Gehenna, therefore, in common speech, stood for the wastage of Jerusalem, and to the Hebrew prophets became the type of the doom of the wicked.” – FB Meyer
“There is hell now, and there is hell later, and Jesus teaches us to take both seriously.” “For my own part, I certainly believe in a hell hereafter as well as in a hell here.” – Rev Dr Charles Brown


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3 Thoughts to “Rob Bell is so unoriginal”

  1. AJWSmith

    I wonder if Rob Bell would be more offended at being called unoriginal than a heretic 😉

    1. There’s a thought, you know he just might!

  2. Jon

    See, you could put this another way: Rob Bell is just saying what many other people have said in the past. Just telling it in a new way.

    On that basis I haven’t heard a totally original sermon in any church in years.

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