Reaching the Nations

Despite the fact that there are more Christians right now than ever before because of population growth there remains more people than ever before who have never heard of Christ. The missions task remains urgent. As Mike Betts says in his foreword to a new edition of Mike Frisby’s  Reaching the Nations:

Our concern for God’s glory means that we have a love for all peoples, languages, tribes, tongues and cultures. The whole world was made for Jesus and by Jesus, and His family will be gathered from every tribe and tongue, and the truth is that as believers we are “one new man in Christ”. A mature expression of God’s church on the earth will surely show us a gloriously diverse church.

God promised to Abraham that every people group on earth would be blessed, and we are Abraham’s spiritual descendants in Christ (Galatians 3:29). Jesus promised that the end would come after the gospel of the kingdom had been preached in every nation (Matthew 24:14). He then commanded us to go and make disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19). The call to the nations is clear and we want to embrace it.

We also believe that we are all on a mission together rather than simply sending ‘missionaries’. In a globalised world many nations and cities are multi-cultural with hundreds of nationalities living side by side. In other words, we are all called to mission; wherever we are, whatever we are doing, whatever our role.

An immensely practical how-to book, Mike Frisby equips churches to help cross-cultural pioneers clarify their call, research their route, send their servers, maintain momentum and debrief and care for returning workers.

In his endorsement of the book Bryan Knell, former Church Relations Director with Global Connections, says:

Mike Frisby is a thoughtful and well-read promoter of mission.  This is a brilliant book – not too big and not with all the answers.  It is a book that raises questions, rather than giving answers.  It will help busy church leaders to identify the real issues, to not overlook important areas, to understand the pressures that people are going to grapple with, to face up to what care for those in living overseas will involve and to help a congregation take seriously the priestly task that God gave to Israel and then to the church.  The bullet-pointed sections are great, the questionnaire are tremendously helpful and the list of books comprehensive.  Thanks Mike for a great resource.
This is not a book that deals with the why of missions, it’s a book that helps you do the how of identifying, equipping and supporting men and women who are engaged in cross-cultural missions. As a result any church that has sent people to this labour (whether with a missions agency or not) should have a copy of this book on their shelves.

You can get it from Amazon in print or Kindle version here

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