Questions about the Trinity

My previous questioner also had a raft of questions specifically about the Trinity. The trinity isn’t the easiest doctrine and understanding or explaining well can be tricky so have a think how you might answer these questions:

  • How is it possible for three separate living things to all be one?
  • Are God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit equal?
  • If so why didn’t God the father come down to earth as a baby?
  • Why is God’s name Jesus when that just refers to one-third of God?
  • Why did Jesus ask his Father to ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’, when he as won the cross? Surely if they were equal, Jesus wouldn’t need to ask God the father to forgive these people as he could do it himself?
  • If they are all equal why does God the father have a title that implies he is above the son and the spirit? (on the basis that a father is always greater than his son and the spirit hardly ever gets referred to as a God)
  • What is God the father’s name?
  • What is the God the Spirit’s name?
  • Why do we know so little about the Spirit? If they are equal why does the spirit seem ‘less’ than the others?
  • If God the father and God the Son are one, where was God the Father when Jesus was on earth? Why was He on earth with Jesus?
  • When Jesus was on earth why did he pray to His father, if they are both one why would Jesus to pray to himself?

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