Put People First: March for jobs, justice and climate

I get sent a lot of information (a hang over from my editing days), and I thought I might start posting a bit more of it. For those of you who feel the need to get active in protest about the state of our world consider this…

“On 2 April the leaders of 20 of the world’s biggest economies meet in London to tackle the recession and global financial crisis.

Even before the banking collapse caused recession, the world suffered vast poverty and inequality and faced the looming threat of climate chaos. Governments, business and international institutions have followed a model of financial deregulation that has encouraged short-term profits, instability and an economy fuelled by ever-increasing debt, both financial and environmental.

There can be no going back to business as usual. The only sustainable way to rebuild the global economy is to create a fair distribution of wealth that provides decent jobs and public services for all, ends global inequality and builds a low carbon world.

Recession must not be an excuse for putting off action for global justice or to stop climate chaos. Creating a just, fair and sustainable world is the only lasting way out of recession.
On 28 March thousands of people will march through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20 leaders. Our message is clear. We must put people first.

Put People First: Decent jobs and public services for all
Put People First: End global poverty and inequality
Put People First: Build a green economy

Put People First! is supported by a wide range of civil society groups including unions, development organisations, faith groups and environmental groups.

There will be an ecumenical service in Methodist Central Hall beginning at 11 am (details to be confirmed). Participants from this service will then join the march en route from the Embankment towards Hyde Park for a rally beginning at 2.00.

Please share this information as widely as possible. All organisations and individuals are welcome to join this mobilisation.

For more information, artwork and publicity flyers or to sign up your organisation as part of this mobilisation please contact: Tim Gee: [email protected] Come to the Campaigning Forum on 2 March which will include a mass planning meeting for the Put People First: mobilisation, from 9.00 – 12.30. You MUST book in advance for this, by contacting BOND Campaigns Communications Officer Tim Gee on [email protected] or calling 020 7520 0253.
Temporary website: http://www.bond.org.uk/pages/the-economic-crisis-and-the-need-for-change.html A ‘Put People First ‘ mobilisation website will follow shortly.”

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